Are you interested in purchasing used and working analytical equipment, like X-Ray detectors, spectrometers? Select the image to see an enlargement, then return with your browser BACK.
Scintag PAD-V X-RAY DIFFRACTOMETER. Click picture to see description and details. This is an excellent operating system. Sorry, already sold to FSU.
A tensile stage and controller for a Scanning Electron Microscope.
This complete AMRAY 1600T has been obtained by a local high school for special
instruction and training. Contact me if you have an interest in SEM training.
Ultrahigh Vacuum System. Already sold to PSU.
A Varian high performance ionization pump with 8" throat and gate valve and integrated Titanium sublimation pump.
A long working distance microscope, built on the Maksutov telescope principles. W.D. is variable from 36 inches to 96 inches. Already Sold, Sorry
And I have any number of other assorted items, all of which work, and can be had for a fraction of the new price. Call me. Let's see if we can get you going on your next idea.